Monista Tea Co. // Camomile on the Nile


Founded in 2018, Monista Tea Co is the gold standard for luxury tea in Australia. Their gorgeous loose leaf range of teas are enhanced by carefully curated ingredients and expertly sourced tea leaves. Uniquely crafted and hand-blended, packaged in their truly stunning caddies, Monista achieves a rich tea drinking experience.

Maker: Monista Tea Co.

Origin: Melbourne, Australia

Description: For thousands of years the Egyptians have been growing and harvesting the beautiful camomile flower on the fertile land that surrounds the Nile Delta. They were the first people to recognize the soothing nature of this delicate flower. Monista’s Camomile on the Nile has been gently blended with complementary ingredients to create a gentle and soothing tea to help you feel at peace. The perfect evening blend.

Ingredients: organic camomile flowers, organic spearmint, organic lemon myrtle, calendula flowers, cornflower blossoms

50 g loose leaf tea, packaged in a beautifully printed caddy


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