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At Kitten and the Bear, we hand craft French confiture style fruit preserves and traditional buttermilk scones using only the finest ingredients and time-honoured methodology.

Our Values

We believe in tradition, heritage, and the power of the human touch. We strive to create not only the highest quality product possible, but an experience that is genuine and true to the timeless practice of jam making, while imparting our own contemporary spin on this artisanal inheritance.

What Makes Our Jam Unique

Our artisan jams, jellies and marmalades are made completely by hand in small, limited batches in our shop & jam kitchen at 1414 Dundas Street West, Toronto, Canada.

We strive to use local produce whenever possible, as well as tropical, heirloom, and hybrid varieties. Many of our ingredients are sourced from family-owned farms dedicated to sustainable and healthy farming practices. Our relationships with our suppliers allow us access to the season’s best crops and the freshest fruits possible, as well as ensuring quality by minimizing the time and steps from tree to jar.

We take our methodologies of jam making as seriously as we take our ingredients.  Using classic methods of preserving, meticulously chosen fruits are blended by hand in small batches with a focus on freshness and purity.

We believe in the integrity of the fruit.  Focusing on the principles of flavour pairing, we use only natural spices, teas, spirits, florals and herbs to enhance - not mask - the natural beauty and flavours of the produce for preserves that are both inspired, yet exceptionally well-balanced.

Produced in our nut-free facility, each and every jar of KATB preserves are filled, capped, polished and labeled completely by hand to ensure an incredibly high level of quality control. Our jams undergo regular tastings and are assessed for balance of flavour, brightness of colour, and overall freshness.