Black Plum & Earl Grey


*NOTE:  In 2020 we lost supply of our beloved heirloom Damson Plums and suspended production on our "Damson Plum & Earl Grey" flavour. This batch was made using our original recipe dating back to 2016 using Black Plums, which yield a more rustic, full fruit texture. We hope you will enjoy this original version just as much!*

Fruit/Varietal: Black Plums

Flavour Profile: Bright, Citrus, Plumy

Texture: Semi-Firm, Full Fruit

Recommended Pairings: Scones & Jam, Greek Yogurt, 

Special Notes: Made with flavourful Black plums, this elegant preserve boasts a subtle citrusy note and black tea aromatic from the addition of Sloane Fine Tea Merchant's Earl Grey Classic tea.

(Ingredients: black plums, sugar, fresh lemon juice, earl grey tea, organic essence of bergamot)

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