peach jam & mini scone ice cream sliders

It was a hot summer here in Toronto, and I have to say I’ve felt a bit of relief this week as the weather has dialled down just a couple degrees. Though it’s tempting to jump right into the excitement of autumn, with its cozy sweaters, chilly breezes, and warm spices, here at KATB were savouring these last few dog days of summer, as I am sure we will find ourselves knee-deep in snow in a blink of an eye!  

As if they knew we would all be itching for fall, our Ontario peach season was late this year due to the incredibly hot weather and extreme sunshine. Here at the jam factory, we have tested every type of peach we could get our hands on over the past few years - from firm, clingstone early season peaches, to warm climate Georgia peaches, and everything in between - and each type of peach makes a slightly different style of preserve. Now, we use exclusively one type of peach for jam making - the beautiful, fuzzy Loring peach - from one orchard (Jordan Valley Orchards in Niagara), from one harvest (the second pick of the season). With the perfect natural balance of acidity and sweetness, rich colour, and flesh that melts to velvety goodness when heated, you can’t get a better variety for jam making.

Typically harvested in mid-August, this year Lorings were not picked until the first week of September, resulting in a juicy, fragrant peach, bursting with a flavour, and blushed red skin from the end-of-summer sun. Thus, though slightly delayed, we couldn’t be more proud of this year’s Peach Collection, and to celebrate, we’re sharing one last summer recipe before it gets too cold up here in Canada for ice cream (but is it ever too cold for ice cream?) - Peach Jam & Mini Scone Ice Cream Sliders!


1 jar of KATB Peach Jam (we recommend either Peach & Orange Blossom or Peach, Fresh Basil & Lime - save the Ichin Togarashi for your cheese boards)
1 pack of KATB Frozen Bake-at-Home Mini Scones
1 pint of your favourite vanilla bean ice cream


  1. In a pre-heated oven, bake your KATB Frozen Bake-at-Home Mini Scones according to the directions on the pouch.

  2. Scoop your vanilla ice cream into a medium bowl (one ice-cream-scoop-full per mini scone slider you are preparing.)

  3. Spoon 2-3 tablespoons of peach jam into your bowl, and slice through the ice cream and jam with a knife to swirl the jam throughout. Place back into the freezer for 30-45 minutes to allow the ice cream to firm back up.

  4. By this time, your mini scones should be baked and rested to room temperature. Break each scone open, place a scoop of peach jam swirled ice cream atop the bottom half scone, and top with fresh peach slices and the top half of the scone. Enjoy!

  5. If you are entertaining and want to prepare these ahead of time, place the whole slider back into the freezer until it’s time for dessert. Remove from the freezer and serve!

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