Tapped Out Maple Syrup // Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup (Barren No. 3)


Made in the woods and completely by hand, Tapped Out is the world's best maple syrup. 

In the spring, when the temperature  above freezing temperature during the day, and below it at night, sap starts to flow within the maple trees.  Using traditional spiles and buckets, Graeme only takes what the tree is willing to give, never using vacuum lines in the collection process.

The best maple is made from the freshest sap, and this sap is held for no more than 24 hours before is it collected by hand and brought to boil in small batches outside over an open fire. 

After reducing and filtering multiple times, this gorgeous syrup is bottled between 68-75% sugar content - much higher than conventional and Vermont syrup - yielding an immensely flavourful syrup.  Each batch has its own unique colour and flavour, with no two batches ever the same.

Maker: Tapped Out by Graeme Foers

Origin: Egbert, ON

Flavour: A well balanced bourbon syrup with strong dark syrup tones leading to a nice bourbon finish.

Strong bourbon tones off the top with vanilla popping through leading to a smooth lingering amaretto like finish. 

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