Seville Orange, Rum & Hibiscus Marmalade


Fruit/Varietal: Seville Oranges

Flavour Profile: Delicate, Citrus, Pithy, Bright, Cocktail

Texture: Medium Cut, High Jelly Marmalade

Recommended Pairings: Toasted Crumpets, Vanilla Poundcake, Sourdough with Butter, Mixed into Cocktails

Special Notes: Seville oranges are the holy grail of marmalade citrus fruits, in season for only a small window each winter. In this seasonal marmalade, wide ribbons of zest and petals of hibiscus blossoms are suspended in a crystal clear jelly 

(Ingredients: Seville oranges, sugar, water, lemon juice, white rum, hibiscus blossoms.)

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