Nina's Paris // Original Marie Antoinette


The Nina's tea house was born in the 17th century, specializing in distilling natural essential oils - a new and exciting technology in 1672. Their lavender and rose fragrances were so special that they were the preferred favourite of Marie-Antoinette, a relationship that persists to this day and inspires their famous Original Marie Antoinette tea. 

Nina's Original Marie Antoinette is the only tea in the world flavoured with rose petals and fresh apples from the Royal Gardens of Versailles (Le Potager du Roi Versailes), and is the exclusive partner of the Gardens, created by the King Louis XIVth.

Maker: Nina's Paris

Origin: Paris, France

Description: A delicate and sophisticated long leaf black tea blend scented with the sweetness of fresh apples , with the drop of a subtle rose flavour.

100 g loose leaf tea, packaged in an embossed pink tin


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