Amalfi Citron Marmalade


Fruit/Varietal: Amalfi Citrons, Lemons

Flavour Profile: Delicate, Citrus, Pithy, Bright

Texture: Traditional, Medium Cut Marmalade

Recommended Pairings: Toasted Crumpets, Vanilla Poundcake, Sourdough with Butter

Special Notes: Amalfi Citrons, also called Giant Lemons, are an Italian citrus fruit that is made up of a majority of zest and pith, with a small amount of flesh in the very centre.  In this seasonal marmalade, ribbons of wide, thin cut pith float in a delicate sea of lemony goodness. 

(Ingredients: lemons, Amalfi citrons, water, sugar, fresh Amalfi citron juice.)

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