make any jam into a jam-sicle

It seems summer is here early this year in Toronto, and nothing says summer like ice pops!  Equally thirst-quenching, sweet-tooth-satisfying, and bursting with nostalgia, there’s nothing quite like reaching for a ice cold, fruity, homemade treat on a hot summer day.  One of the things we love most about ice pops is the ability to flex your creative muscles, dreaming up all sorts of fruit filled concoctions with little to no chance of the end result being anything but delicious!  

Because we don’t use any commercial stabilizers, gel-ifying agents, or added pectin in our preserves, they can be used for all sorts of kitchen magic - from dissolving beautifully into iced tea as a natural sweetener and being shaken into craft cocktails, to baking into pastries and (to our amazement I might add) as a perfect base for ice pops!

So far this summer, we’ve recipe tested all sorts of different jam flavours, and they all work beautifully.  So grab your ice pop mold (we used these and these), and get freezing!


1 part your favourite KATB preserve
2 ½ parts tepid water
Freshly squeezed lemon juice, to taste


Simply add 1 part KATB preserve with 2 ½ parts water and stir to dissolve completely.  Add freshly squeezed lemon juice to your personal taste. The acidity of the lemon will brighten the fruit flavours and balance out the sweetness of the jam.  Pour into your ice pop molds, evenly distributing any chunks of fruit.  Freeze for about 24 hours to ensure your ice pops are deep frozen to the core.  

P.S. don’t be afraid to get creative!  Fill your molds part-way, freeze, and mix up a second flavour to create layered pops, or stick edible flowers down the sides before freezing for a pressed flower effect. The ice pop is your oyster!

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