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The Qi // Shangri La Rose Blooming Tea

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Based in NYC, The Qi sources whole, organically grown flowers from small, family-owned farms. Of single origin, they are the highest quality in purity, nutrients, taste, and aroma. 

Each flower is hand picked at their peak during the prized spring 1st pick, right after they fully bloom, and chosen for wholeness, petal fullness, colour, and aroma.  Each bloom is laid out by hand on cotton mesh for drying.

Once all the flowers are completely dried, they are individually sealed for long lasting freshness and to preserve the flowers' wholeness.

Traditional flower sipping rituals are rooted in time honoured wisdom for love, beauty, and connection. According to ancient Eastern philosophies, “Qi” (or “Chi” means Life Energy) stands for the energy in all things - the vital energy forming part of any living entity. Flowers contain the most Qi, as when a plant flowers it is believed that it’s at the peak of its life and the flowers are the fruit of this highest level energy Qi.  

Maker: The Qi

Origin: Shangri-La, Yunnan, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture.

Description: Shangri-La Rose tea promotes beauty and better sleep. The flavour is subtly floral and rosy, with slightly tangy, fruity notes and a delicate fragrance.

How to Brew: Pour hot water (185/190 F) over 1 flower in a small teapot or a large mug, and let it infuse for 3 minutes.  Use traditional bamboo tongs to keep the flower submerged, and swirl it around a glass teapot for visual splendor and relaxation.

Each bloom can be steeped up to 3x.  After the first steep, keep the flower in a sealed container in the fridge over night and enjoy additional steeping the next day. 

To make a chilled tisane, brew it as you would a warm tisane and let it chill in the fridge for at least 4 hours before consuming. 

(Ingredients: whole air dried Shangri-La rose.)

9 individually wrapped whole roses for 27 servings, packaged in a matte carton