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Panier des Sens // Milky Way Scented Candle


Panier des Sens crafts  natural, simple & authentic soaps, lotions and candles in the heart of Provence in the South of France.  Their products have been developed with the time honoured know-how of the master makers from Marseille and perfumers from Grasse - the perfume capital of the world.  Vegan, naturally derived, and truly gorgeous inside and out.

Maker: Panier des Sens

Origin: Provence, France

Description: Invokes the magic of wintertime in Provence with a subtle chestnut fragrance and sweet, milky notes diffusing a warm, festive atmosphere. This delicious fragrance will embalm your home for almost 55 hours.

1 lb candle in a glass vessel, packaged in beautifully illustrated and gold foiled box.