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Miels d'Anicet // 2019 Linden Honey


Harvest: July, 2019

Dominant Flowers: Linden (almost 100%)

Secondary Flowers: White Clover, Crucifer, Raspberry Blossoms

Flavour Profile: Delicate, Fresh, Floral, Minty

Texture: Liquid, will naturally age to a fine crystal 

(*To restore its liquid texture, slightly heat over a water bath.  Please note that crystallization is a natural phenomenon in all unpasteurized honeys.)

Recommended Pairings: Herbal Tea, Adds Freshness and Sweetness to Any Dish

Special Notes: Produced from limited, single-season harvests in the rolling countryside of the Upper Laurentians.  Never pasteurized, traditional honey is extracted cold, filtered and liquefied at low temperature to retain the aromas and properties of honey while enjoying its liquid texture.

*Certified organic by Québec Vrai

340 g jars, beautifully packaged with our exclusive clear label to allow the natural beauty of the honey to shine