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Maxim's de Paris // Un Apres-Midi au Louvre / An Afternoon at the Louvre


The legend of Maxim’s began in 1893 when Maxime Gaillard, formerly a waiter, opens a small bistro at 3 rue Royale.  Now a historically ranked landmark, Maxim’s has become a symbolic place of Art Nouveau French Gastronomy. 

Their signature tea blend, "Un après-midi au Louvre" is a black and white tea blend, harmoniously scented with bergamot, rose, vanilla and lavender.

Maker: Maxim's of Paris

Origin: Paris, France   

Infusion Time: 4-5 minutes 

Infusion Temperature: 90 C

(Ingredients: black tea, rose petals, bergamot essential oil, vanilla, white tea white tips, lavender flowers.)

30g loose leaf tea, packaged in an ornate mini tin with floral details