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June & December // Edible Wilds Tea Towel


The softest, most luxurious tea towels in all the land, with lovely watercolour illustrations by artist Katie Forte.  

In their family-owned studio, June & December, designs meaningful and functional art pieces.  Named for the months their children were born, husband and wife team Katie and Nick Forte are inspired by clipped sprigs and forest finds and their work celebrates the natural wonder found all around us.

Maker: June & December

Origin: Berkley, Michigan

Materials: 100% Flour Sack Cotton

Description: Fiddleheads, morels, bull thistle and wild asparagus adorn this pattern of wild foraged edibles.

Special Notes: Durable, absorbent, and oh so soft! From the variance in the cotton, to the hand-mixed eco-friendly inks, each piece is truly one of a kind. Softens and become more absorbent with each and every wash. Pre-shrunk, machine washable, lint, scratch & smear free.

25x26", folded & tied individually with cotton ribbon + tag