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Iryna's Rhubarb, Ginger & Chili


Fruit/Varietal: Rhubarb

Flavour Profile: Spicy, Tangy, Sweet & Sour

Texture: Rustic, Full Fruit 

Recommended Pairings: Soft Goat's Cheese, Roast Chicken Sandwiches, BBQ, Cheese Board

Special Notes: Iryna Mykyteiek, our new jam maker, comes to us from Ukraine where she had a boutique jam company that specialized in savoury jams for cheese and marmalades. This classic rhubarb preserve is blended with finely chopped fresh ginger root and red chili peppers to create a sweet & sour, savoury profile. Heat level: Mild.

(Ingredients: rhubarb, sugar, fresh ginger, lemon juice, red chilli pepper.)