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Hunter's Maple // 2019 Maple Syrup


Produced by the Hunter family on their 100 acre sugarbush - the oldest single-family owned and operated bush in Ontario still using traditional wood fired boilers. 8 generations of Hunters have been making syrup on the their land, originally settled in 1821 when the family arrived from Scotland.  Allowing the bush to grown naturally, without the use of any fertilizer or pesticides, they have many trees that are over 100 years old that still give sap every year that they use to make their heritage syrup.

Origin: Spencerville, Ontario

Harvest: early April, 2019

Grade: High Grade Amber

Flavour Profile: Delicate, Caramel, Warm, Vanilla

Special Notes: T2019 was an especially good year for maple production, and this special vintage is no exception.  Bottled just for us, this early season high grade Amber syrup is the most prized tap of the season, when the minerals in the sap are at a minimum.  Unlike darker syrups that can sometimes get a heavy, smoky quality, this batch has a beautiful lightness despite being a darker grade.  There is a warmth to the flavour that still shines due to the traditional wood firing process. 

8 oz / 230 mL glass bottles with gold metal cap, beautifully packaged with our exclusive clear label to allow the natural beauty of the syrup to shine