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Rhubarb & Greengage Plum


Fruit/Varietal: Rhubarb & Greengage Plums

Flavour Profile: Wildflower Honey, Green Apple Candy, Bright, Fruity 

Texture: Rustic, Spoonable, Full Fruit

Recommended Pairings: Yogurt Parfaits, Crusty Bread, Plum Tarts, Roasted White Meats

Special Notes: A "holy grail" fruit of jam making, the greengage plum has a dense, velvety texture and unique, honey-like flavour that makes it perfect for preserving. Blended with Ontario Rhubarb, this preserve is rustic, full textured, and tart. 

(Ingredients: rhubarb, greengage plums, sugar, fresh lemon juice.)