Emerson Creek Pottery // Celtic Spring Shortbread Pan


Handcrafted in the rural Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Emerson Creek pottery is completely hand made, with every step - from mixing clay, forming, finishing, glazing, painting, firing, packing, and shipping, is completed by people. Even their clay, glazes and design colours are made on-site with formulas developed and tested over many decades. Using sustainable methods and traditional techniques, no two pieces are completely identical. 

Maker: Emerson Creek Pottery for Brown Bag Designs

Material: Handmade Stoneware

Description: Making decorated shortbread is easy with this beautiful ceramic stoneware shortbread pan. With all the floral charm of an alpine meadow, this exquisite shortbread pan will imprint your buttery cookies with images of lilies of the valley, daisies, tulips, and more. 

Each pan comes gift boxed and with instructions and a booklet of 6 shortbread recipes. 

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