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Bellocq // Jasmine Pomelo Blossom Iced Tea


Bellocq Tea Atelier, an inconspicuous jewel box tucked away into a quiet corner of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, has turned nearly a decade of sourcing and blending the finest teas and botanicals.  Bellocq’s teas are nuanced, evocative, and surprising, assembled by hand with an unwavering adherence to excellence. 

Maker: Bellocq

Origin: Brooklyn, New York 

Notes: Floral, Citrus, Tropical

Description: Infuse your summer with this delicately scented blend of organic jasmine green tea strewn with chamomile blossoms and fleshy notes of citrus. Serve as is, or slightly sweetened. 

2.5 oz of loose leaf tea, includes 5 filter bags for easy brewing.  Makes 4 gallons (64 eight ounce servings).

(Ingredients: organic jasmine green tea, chamomile blossoms, and natural essences.)