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Bellocq // Jasmine Pearls


A tightly rolled, pearl shaped tea, scented only with jasmine blossoms. Wonderfully floral, this exceptional grade of jasmine pearls is from the Da Bai Cha cultivar and processed, not as a white tea, but as a green. 

This exceptional, hand-rolled tea is produced in Fuding, Fujian Province, China, and harvested in spring with a picking standard of a bud plus a leaf and sprig. The tea is rolled into the desired pearl shape and dried, then layered with jasmine blossoms (approximately 70% tea to 30% blossoms), allowed to rest, sorted, fired and the process is repeated several times to ensure a fine, beautifully scented tea.  Upon brewing, the tightly wound pearls unfurl in the cup, resulting in a highly fragrant, aromatic brew. 

Maker: Bellocq

Origin: Brooklyn, New York 

Infusion Time: 4-6 minutes / good for 3-5 infusions

Infusion Temperature: 80 C

57 g loose leaf tea, packaged in a beautiful atelier kraft paper pouch