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Acid League // Pastiche (Gewurztraminer Wine Proxie)


Made to look, feel, and drink like wine, Acid League's Proxies are made by an experienced winemaker, and have acidity, body, texture, tannin, and spice.   Layered blends of teas, spices, bitters, juices and more, designed to pair with food and be enjoyed in your finest stemware. All the complexity of great wine, and none of the alcohol. 

Maker: Acid League

Origin: Guelph, Ontario

Description: Bold aromatics burst from the glass, instantly transporting you to Alsace.  With notes of lychee combined with pineapple, peach, and rose, underscored by bitters crafted from pink peppercorn, galangal, and clove.  A blend of oolong, Bai Jian white tea, and hops bring a lush texture and long finish to this lovely white.

750 mL glass bottle